About SCIMD Humanitarian Programs

Humanitarian Programs

These could be programmed activities that are focused at providing advice and guidance and also as services to mitigate human suffering among members of our immediate community of operations. A display of genuine concern by medical practitioners will definitely complement the curative power of the medicines.

The College is poised to contribute some non-priced services to its immediate community in order to help those in needs especially patients in the tertiary hospital in the town of operation of the College. Such non-priced services could include voluntary blood donations and counseling services to the selected cadres of the hospital staff at fixed times yearly.

Efforts shall be made to collaborate with reputable agencies and health foundations with similar interests to our humanitarian programs for more pragmatic approaches in being of service to humanity. It is our belief that   a loving smile, a kind word and desired empathy where possible by a doctor in his interaction with the patient will go a long way for the achievement of healing.

It is the sincere wish of the College authorities that our graduates entering the medical profession are considered by the society to be shining examples of what can be best described in selfless service, self-sacrifice and lasting patience.

The foregoing aspirations can be actualized through transparent commitment to the implementation of the humanitarian programs that we put forth.